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Welcome to African Health Care Providers Association (AHCPA)
Supporting the agencies that help keep people in their homes


Provide sector leadership, develop and provide strategic policy support, lead and respond to the reform agenda, own an information base (data and evidence), advocate for the sector/industry, understand member needs, enhance AHCPA’s service offering, generate growth opportunities for members, support high-quality business practice, assist in responding to changes in the market and develop the Health Care workforce


In order to become a AHCPA Service Provider (voting) member, you must operate either a long term care home or assisted living building, or provide home care or home support services.  

Commercial and Associate memberships are considered non-voting, but those members are welcome to attend AHCPA meetings.


Members and their staff only are invited at no charge to attend our regular workshops conducted by commercial members and partners.    

Policy Development

With the input of our members we advocate realistic, practical and comprehensive solutions that will improve the quality of Health care’s care in Minnesota.   

Special Events

One of the highlights of the year is our Annual Conference. In addition to being a great networking opportunity, the conference is an opportunity to learn new ideas that are strengthening the delivery of Healthcare  

Consultation & Collaboration

Our success depends on open and ongoing communication with you and other key stakeholders in the Health care’s care sector. The Association provides regular progress reports and invites feedback on emerging issues    


When members are having issues with local health authorities. our Association and Board of Directors are there to provide support. Our members understand that there is strength in numbers and we make gains as a collective voice that individually would be very difficult to achieve.    

Jobs Board

AHCPA members can post their job openings for free on our popular Jobs Board page. In today’s competitive hiring environment, promoting your jobs on our site can make the difference