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Organizations that are providers of healthcare services are eligible to become Provider Members of AHCPA. Organizations eligible for Provider Member status are not eligible for Business Partner Member status. Provider Members are the only classification of members that have voting rights in AHCPA.


Dues are assessed based on the home care agency/program’s adjusted revenue that was received from the last complete fiscal year. Adjusted revenue includes all dollars, regardless of source, obtained by your organization for all sites for providing home care services; it is the gross revenue less all discounts or allowances (expected amount due from payer).

Register Here: https://africanhcpa.org/memberszone/register/


Key Benefits of the Service


Stay up-to-date on state and federal regulatory and legislative issues through AHCPA email alerts and newsletters.

Nurse Consultants

Receive timely response to clinical practice and regulatory questions from AHCPA’s nurse consultants.

Free Web-Based Training ($2,000+ VALUE!)

Get 24/7 training for your entire staff, professionals, para-professionals and volunteers through AHCPA’s partnerships


Relevant training (Regulatory, OASIS, Coding, Dementia and Quality Improvement) is available to members at discounted prices

Receive Discounted rates on Certification Training.


AHCPA’s Government Relations Counsel and Legislative Team lead the association’s advocacy efforts as we work collaboratively with other stakeholders on regulatory and legislative issues, such as reimbursement, licensure, administrative simplification and more.


Access various resources through our resource centres


Find support with other providers

Professional Development

Members have the opportunity to serve on various teams and task forces.